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In the field of international commerce there are many services offered to you, but here at Argent Brokers we have one goal in mind: your satisfaction. Our diverse range of services flow into one location to insure that we can provide the higest quality level of service for your international commercial needs.



Price of export: We set the indicated price of export.

Export prefinancing assistence: Achieve a line of credit in order to pre finance your exports.


  • Market Research : Know where and how to best market your products in the world, know your competitive and comparative advantages.
  • Promotion: Make yourself seen and known in the world market.
  • Sales: If you are not an exporter, do not worry, our business carries out the operation from port to port.

Development of Export plans: If you would like to trade internationallybut do not know how, we assess your business integrally to ensure success.

Internationaldistribution: We offer a dependable and trustworthy service in international logistics (storage, transportation and distribution) and always at a low cost.

Tariff classification: your products.

International methods of Payments: Credit Letters Interpretation, notice to theimporter about availability of the different payment methods, the bank presentation,and closing the exchange with importing/exporting operations using reputable foreign exchange houses and financial companies.

Technical advice: pre-intervention with official agencies (ANMAT, INAL, Air Force, etc.), assistance withCertificates of Origen and with obtainingS. G. P.Forms.

Legal advice: Advice on customs norms, sanitarias, fitosanitarias, and all others.Up to date knowledge of the new regulations on international commerce as published in the Official Bulletin.

Customs processing

Banking process: Obtain, present and secure bank documents, notice ofavailability of funds, manage the collection of reembursements.Advice on closing of buying and selling operation and exchange in currencies.We offer immediate BCRA Circulation that is incumbant to internationalcommerce.

Current openings of accounts in US or Argentinan banks: without any cost.

Control of shipment: If you are the importing/buyer abroad, we let you control the quality of the merchandise acquired.


Orchestration of International Methods of Payments: Credits Letters Interpretation, notice to the importerof availability of funds, etc.

Inquiry and contact with suppliers: Know al supplier that better adapt to its needs, whether for its merchandise, time limit, quality, etc.

Purchasing Agent: If you require to carry out a purchase abroad, our global network of agents will do it for you.

Legal advice: Know the Customs Code without reading it, be informed up to date on the new international commerce regulations published by the Official Bulletin.

Technical advice: pre-intervention in official agencies (ANMAT, INAL, Air Force, etc.)

International Physical distribution: we offer a dependable and secure service of international logistics (storage, transportation and distribution) at a lower cost.

Cost of importing: Revise the import cost if there is a more adequate one according to the different quotations INCOTERMS, modalities of transportation, covers of insurances, etc.

Tariff classification: of your products.

Obtain import backround.

Customs processing: Reception of customs documents, content control, verifications and liberations of merchandise, assesment and pre-shipment inspection management

Banking procedures: Letters of Credit Opening, presentation of documents, payments of rights.

Coordination over defects with insurance companies: Tested on electrical products, backed by professional certification under engineers registered.Handled bythe Secretary of Industry and Commerce IWC Replica Watches .

CUSTODY: We offer door to door protection service through personnel of the Armed Forces.

INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE: Your merchandise will be covered door to door through exclusive international insurance companies.

FRANCAS ZONES: To cover the needs of our clients, we have agreements with different deposits, chosen strategically for thier efficient added backup to business. Assisting you operational , logistical, and financial needs.


"Workhouse Service S.R.L."


"East coast Logistics & Distribution"


"East coast Logistics & Distribution"

SHIPMENT AND RECEPTION OF SAMPLES: Shipment of samples without commercial value to everyone, with delivery to door of the recipient.So that your business can conquer new markets or select better suppliers.Customs service at destination.Completed reciept with detailed information offinal reception.

CONSOLIDATION: It is not necessary to have large volumes to be a player in the world market we offer a consolidation service in air and maritme trade reducing the costs of freight, supported by our world network of agents.


We are specialist in the aeronautic area, backed not only by experience, but also by the prestige of our clients.Through this service we offer the following services:

· Exact tariff classification of replaced or accessory of the different modalities of airships (helicopters, airplanes, light aircraft, etc.)

· Handling the D. N. A. (Air Force) through the Tax General Rule.

· Registration of the airships in the D. N. A. through aeronautic engineers specialists.

· Advice in the purchase of airplanes and helicopters according to the different needs of utilization.

· Technical, legal and tax advice.


Quotation door to door Patek Philippe replica watches .

Estimates of volume for effective transport.

Shipments using air, maritime, or land depending on your needs.

Wine cellar assistance with transportation.

Emission of documentation and shipment to the cosigner or to our agents.

Management of customs.

Control of shipment.

Ship debarking and home delivery service in home country.