.::. Our Agents

In our organization we possess a world network of associated agents, of whom generate a series of advantages and competitive improvements to our business.

  • Our firm and associates guarantee personal attention to our client/supplier.
  • Our agents provide transportation of their loads door to door (Door to Door Service).
  • Monitoring is carried out on a continuous basis assuring delivery on point and at the chosen moment (Just in Time).
  • Our agencies permit us to know customs and characteristic localities, be public or private, for which we must comply to in any international market.
  • With us you obtain an integral service of exterior commerce through a single Logistic User.We cover the totality of our clients needs always adhereing to the object of their interests.

Firms who work with us realize that the sometimes superfluous and unexpected costs of import/exporting are not part of our philosophy of doing business.There are no hidden fees or surprises when doing business with our company.We look forward to making life-long business partnerships with you or the firm you represent.